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Patient Spotlight — Steve M.

Steve is the quite the amazing man! He dislocated his shoulder resulting in a full shoulder replacement......not an easy surgery nor rehab. Long story short, he was less than satisfied with his PT progress elsewhere, was discussing this a PT acquaintance at a...

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Patient Spotlight- Al Z

Remember Al in recent prior posts? In for assistance with balance challenges due to vestibular issues; learning to ambulate with a walker at that time..............look at him now!! Down the steps and the flagstone incline, with a single prong cane only! What a view...

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Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy & AATB Pilates

Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy & AATB Pilates has been servicing The Heights for 10 years; nestled under a sprawling oak tree on a quiet street.  We were the first Physical Therapy clinic in Houston, owned by a Physical Therapist who is also certified in Pilates…..and remain so today!  The synergy available when the services are offered in conjunction is amazing.  We focus on personalized attention, recognizing each individual’s needs and developing their PT treatment plan or Pilates classes accordingly.  

A Quick note on Pilates

Come join us!  Download the Mindbody app, search AATB Pilates, and sign up online for one of our weekly classes or give us a call, text, or email and we’ll handle your scheduling for you.  All our instructors are certified in Pilates and offer a wide variety of class content.

Our new studio was constructed July 2017; we offer a lovely space to you.  We limit our class sizes to 6 to enhance the personalized attention that makes us popular.

Please see our Pilates tab for “kind words” and  more information on rates, scheduling, and class times.

A Quick Note on Physical Therapy

Everyone responds differently to Physical Therapy; therefore, one approach does not fit all.  We do not apply set protocols to all backs, knees, shoulders, etc, instead we identify each patient’s physical deficits and develop a treatment plan to address these deficits.  We work closely with you, the patient, to accomplish the best outcomes for you. We do this utilizing traditional and homeopathic treatment approaches. We also incorporate Pilates, utilizing our fully equipped onsite Pilates studio, into your treatment plan as appropriate. 

Your preferences regarding Your Physical Therapy Provider are Important!

  If our location is convenient, between I10 West & 610 North just 10 minutes from downtown, to your home or work, or if you prefer to be seen by the same Physical Therapist each time…….or perhaps you would prefer an environment that is  less intimidating than the routine medical clinic, something a bit more comfortable and relaxing where not so many patients are being seen at the same time? If so, then please consider calling us!  We are known to accommodate busy work schedules and provide a warm environment with personalized attention.   You are not required to go to the Physical Therapy clinic affiliated with your physician.  Many physician’s have contracts with the large organizations that prefer the physician’s to refer, encourage, or even insist you go to a particular clinic; however, ……….it’s still your choice!

Access to Physical Therapy

Texans who want Physical Therapy can now access a Physical Therapist without having to first go see a physician, or other healthcare provider.  So you don’t have to wait for an appointment with the physician and pay an office visit with your primary care physician or orthopedist only to be referred to Physical Therapy.  This results in time and financial savings as well as positive outcomes for the patient.


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Facebook Feed:

I was struggling with acute back/hip/leg pain from an old injury. After my first consultation with Jennifer she said ‘we need to get you moving!’ Four months in and I have made more progress with both the Physical Therapy and Pilates than I could have believed or even hoped for. I am now moving with confidence, agility and strength, I’m pain free and attending Pilates classes three times a week without a struggle! Jennifer and her staff are so knowledgeable, understanding and are willing to take the time to dig deeper and really find out what’s the root cause of the problem. I can’t say enough about how great they all are. 

Juliet R.

Jennifer Klein and her amazing staff saved my back. I started after my doctor’s office said some people benefited from Pilates. It’s been an amazing journey! Now my shoulder is acting up, and again, Jennifer and staff to the rescue! With ultrasound, cupping, a bit of massage and exercises to do at home, my shoulder is responding. I’m looking forward to a pain-free shoulder soon!

Susan G.

When I went to see Jennifer I could barely move my neck.  I could not even sleep because the pain was so horrible.  After one session of cupping and needling I was noticeably better and stopped taking my pain medicine.  After only 2 or 3 more sessions and doing the exercises that she taught me I was almost completely better.  It was amazing!

Mary Catherine M.

Jennifer is awesome.  I walked away from knee surgery thanks to her advice and care.  Her intimate knowledge really gives you an insight on what you need to work on and to improve your overall physical condition. I started Jennifer’s Pilates class after my knee was out of the woods and have been doing it for a year now. I’ve never looked back. Her staff and other instructors also extend her excellent care and service.

Alefiya A.

I had knee surgery and was in PT not making much progress. Jennifer was recommended to me and I’ve made significant progress with her. Jennifer and her staff work very hard to make your rehab a success. Jennifer is very encouraging and tries many innovative approaches to achieve your goals.

Carolyn D.

For years I was suffering from pain in my back, neck and head. The pain was becoming progressively worse and was interfering with work and daily activities. I have worked with Jennifer Klein and her associates and have come a long way. All the aches and pains that I carried with me to sleep and woke up with regularly are now a thing of the past. I no longer wake up wondering how I’m going to get through the day. Instead, I think of what I can accomplish today.

Amir Z.

Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy helped me to recover effectively from a leg issue I developed from running (groin soreness). She provided a series of needling sessions, a few Pilates classes at her establishment, and a list of stretches that helped loosen up my body enough to prevent recurrence. Amazing team and amazing service!

Erich L.

Jennifer is an awesome PT! Trust me, I have been to quite a few over the last 4 years. I had foot surgery a few years back and never rehabbed it correctly which led to quite a few muscle imbalances. Jennifer identified the problems right away and began to work. She listened to my concerns and kept encouraging me to push myself beyond the limits I had set for myself. If you are looking for a PT who truly knows the body anatomy, don’t wait. Give Jennifer a call. Great supportive staff as well!

Kathleen Y.

Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy has been an excellent facility for ‘what ails me.’ The staff is courteous, conscientious and hard working. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with integrating Pilates into Physical Therapy treatment for my low impact joint needs. She has presented me with therapeutic options for every pain related to my hip issue. Jennifer informed me that strengthening the core and upper body is essential to treating my problem area and she was right! After my initial session, I kid you not, my hip impingement issue was noticeably much better! When I began to experience what’s known as “referred pain” in the lower back, she had a solution for that, too-dry needling! I would definitely recommend Jennifer’s skills, talents, knowledge for what ails you!

Rhonda M.

Jennifer and her team work well together so each individual receives personalized treatment. I have been going for a month now for a groin strain. The combination of treatments: cupping, needling, and Pilates stretches have helped! On my first visit Jennifer took the time to explain the muscles in my thigh and how cupping would be beneficial. I have to say that Jennifer’s special touch has helped me with my pain. I absolutely love the location and the stress free atmosphere.

Jessica P.

In 2013 I had a hip replacement followed closely by a knee replacement. 10 months later I’m in great shape! I’m once again able to do the things I love to do with full range of motion and without pain. Jennifer Klein was highly recommended by my surgeon as the best there is and he was right.

Russell D.

I was walking down my steps and clumsily missed the bottom two steps and ended up breaking BOTH my ankles. After surgery, my doctor told me it was time to start PT. I am so very glad I chose to go to JKPT although it was outside my provider network. I did a ton of research and chose to go here instead of one of the hospital sponsored PT facilities. Although it was more expensive for me out of pocket, I thought the mix of regular PT with Pilates would help me get better quicker and be stronger for the longer term. Jennifer and her team have not disappointed. They give excellent personal attention and I have excelled because of it. For example, the first several times I went there, Jennifer spent extra time with me to determine exactly what I needed. I received cupping, massages, and a full set of exercises that were extremely beneficial. I highly recommend Jennifer and her team. They go above and beyond to accommodate their patients and you truly get what you pay for. They are so supportive and conscientious; you will feel better after each session.

Casey B.

Here’s the weird thing about dry needling… it sounds AWFUL but if done by and experienced person like Jennifer, not only is it not painful but actually feels good and has me running around like a kid again! I’m 53 and had constant calf strain to the point where I could no longer play ‘old man soccer.’ Let me tell you, Jennifer Klein IS an expert at getting muscles to behave as they should with needling, cupping, stretching and Pilates and I am back on the field. In addition, for whatever reason having 40 needles stuck in my hamstrings and calves also raised my energy! I highly recommend Jennifer and her great staff! 

David Paul, KHOU 11 Meteorologist

Jennifer and her staff are wonderful. They are truly invested in each patient and are committed to helping him or her find relief. In addition to devising a personalized treatment plan, they are willing to accommodate your schedule to ensure that you can make each session.

Bridget G.

In November 2017 a massage ruptured two of the discs in my spine. Within a few days I could barely walk and had lost most feeling from my waist down. That is when I found Jennifer. I went in with zero hope and the expectation that I would need another surgery within the month. After one week with Jennifer the numbness in my legs lessened and the intense pain subsided. In just one month the numbness was completely gone and my pain level was lower than it had ever been in my entire life. After about two months of intense PT I transitioned into the Pilates classes and have been going ever since. Jennifer and her team of Pilates instructors have changed my life. I have almost no limitations now and am living the life I always wanted. Don’t waste your time on other Physical Therapists. Jennifer is truly the best there is.

Amber C.

I tore my hamstring and was devastated. I could not stay in the gym or mountain bike and I could barely walk normally. Within a few treatments of dry needling and cupping from Jennifer I could tell a difference. I am so happy I came here for my treatment. I am now in the process of transitioning out of hamstring rehab to working out. I decided to take Jennifer’s advice and take a few of her Pilates classes. That was another great decision. I think this is by far my favorite type of work out and my body is continuing to further rehab. If you are hurt or need to change up your exercise regimens, please go there. You will not regret it. I truly believe I received first class treatment as a patient and a person here. I cannot say enough great praises about Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy and Jennifer Klein herself.

Jo N.

Jennifer knows what she’s doing and has a great energetic, talented team! The therapists work together, develop a plan, monitor and modify it as treatment progresses. They are understanding about patients’ life schedule and help to find suitable appointment times. You get appointment reminders and updates via text, which is a helpful reminder. After therapy you know you’ve had a workout. You are under watchful supervision, encouragement and documentation; something not always found in larger/corporate type practices. The pilates program is fast paced, but the instructors make it fun, and before you know it, class is over!

John D.

I was suffering from severe pain (arthritis and loss of cartilage) in my right knee and began receiving Physical Therapy with Jennifer Klein. Her program is individualized and she truly cares about her patients. Her staff is fantastic too. I am so pleased with the results – after two months of therapy I am pain free!

Lyn R.

Jennifer and her crew do a great job of assisting with any back/neck pain. Their method of combining treatment with regular Pilates classes really helped!

Will G.

A microdiscectomy led me to find a Physical Therapist. An anesthesia colleague of mine highly recommended Jennifer and since she is located a short distance from my home, it seemed to be a natural fit. As it turned out, her professional skills exceeded my expectations. Jennifer developed an extensive home program as I graduated from her studio sessions. Pilates was gradually integrated, under her direct supervision, as well. I you follow the course of stretches and strengthening exercises, you will see excellent results! Jennifer and her staff are extremely personable and very professional. The friendships that were developed will be there for a long time to come. Knowing what I have experienced, I would have driven a great distance for her care. I was fortunate to live 5 blocks away. You will not be disappointed in her level of expertise.

Jed G.

Jennifer and her staff are VERY accommodating, knowledgeable and motivated to provide effective therapy.  Located in my favorite place, the Heights, and the home style atmosphere makes it easy to relax and let the healing proceed!  Jennifer is a pro for sure.

Will B.

Stop, read no further! Call Jennifer Klein for the best Physical Therapy in the Heights. I went in for an inflamed foot muscle that was aggravated from working out frequently. In just four short sessions we had reduced the inflammation and pain. I always felt like I was a friend coming in for treatment rather than a patient. I would also get text messages to check on me in between my appointments. This is a practice I would love to see from other health professionals. I highly recommend you contact them; you’ll be glad you did.

Glenn D.

Jennifer and her wonderful staff have helped me achieve so much in the past 12 months.  I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis in 2004 and lost the use of many of my muscles. I had been going to Physical Therapy elsewhere with limited progress.  An OT at Methodist told me that Pilates would be good for me and I found Jennifer Klein through an internet search for PT and Pilates. When I came to he, I had not been able to raise both arms above my head in almost 10 years…now I can do that and so much more. My muscles and core are steadily getting stronger, my posture is better, and my range of motion is greatly improved…all thanks to Jennifer. My progress has motivated me to want to keep it up and I actually enjoy it!

Linda W.

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