Physical Therapy Services

Conditions We Treat

Neck and back pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems, hip pain, shoulder and hip bursitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, ankle sprain/strain, knee pain including medial or lateral collateral ligament issues, ACL repair, total knee replacement, all other joint replacements, arthritis, and neurological issues.

Sports Medicine

Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy services all ages and levels of athletes eager to recover as quickly as possible and get back in the game.  Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy works closely with physicians, athletic trainers, and coaches to expedite the process without jeopardizing the patient/athlete recovery.


Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy provides integrated and structured treatment plans for patients recovering from orthopedic injuries or problems. She works closely with physicians, following their rehabilitation protocols.  The entire musculoskeletal system can be affected which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.  Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy helps those with broken and repaired bones, musculoskeletal issues and all joint replacements.

Pre and Post Op Surgery

Whether you are heading into surgery or coming out of it, Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy can help your experience by teaching you proper exercises pertinent to your surgery in advance or afterwards.  We work closely with physicians, following their protocols for the type of surgery performed.

Manual Therapy

Manual and soft tissue therapy interventions are used to decrease pain and improve motion and flexibility to stiff joints and muscles which will help the patient regain optimal, efficient movement patterns and restore function.  This includes hands on treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Cupping and dry needling are also available to assist in accomplishing such goals. It may be combined with massage & stretching. The goal is restoration of injured tissues to normal function.


Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy provides specialized rehabilitation addressing deficits in motion, strength, coordination, balance, and ability to ambulate for persons recovering from a stroke, closed head injury or living with a disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. We work closely with the doctor, family, and care givers to improve the patient’s quality of life including their activities of daily living, independence, and necessary accommodations to the home to make life easier for all involved.

Women's Health

These services are dedicated to the specific needs of women which may include pregnancy related complications, breast protheses, pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence or prolapse, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and aging well. To see if Pilates may be part of  this answer for you, click here for more information.


Our certified Pilates instructors incorporate the mat, as well as specialized equipment such as the reformer and chair, into our Physical Therapy. Aside from Physical Therapy, we offer private and group sessions for maximum benefit in a comfortable setting at 1212 Columbia St., Houston, Texas 77008, in The Heights.

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Dry Needling

Based on principles of Western medical science, dry needling can accelerate the process of the body returning to a state of homeostasis. It also enhances the effects of other manual and therapeutic exercises.

Dry Needling FAQ

Massage Services

Massage Therapy is now available at the clinic in order to best serve the needs of our patients. Provided by our very own Massage Therapist, John Paul Guillen, offering a variety of services to help cure whatever ails you.


Massage Types

Swedish Massage – Medium pressure massage.  Good for relaxation, improved circulation and strengthening the immune system.  Includes slow gentle, movements and some stretching

Sport Massage – Medium to deep pressure massage good for sore muscles, increasing blood circulation and increasing flexibility.  Includes vigorous movements and lots of stretching.

Deep Tissue Massage – Elements of Swedish Massage but with more intense pressure.  Good for old injuries, improving mobility and range of motion, relieving tension and increasing flexibility.

Shiatsu – Typically done in chair massage.  Done by using pressure in certain critical areas to relieve tension.

Massage Types

Hot Stone Massage – Incorporated with a variety of other massage styles and applying deeper pressure.  Good for improving muscle relaxation.

Reflexology – Chinese system of foot massage good for relaxation and better sleep.

Pregnancy Massage – Similar to Swedish Massage but positioning is typically lying on one’s side instead of on the stomach.

Aggregate Massage – A combination of all massage techniques in order to facilitate the best therapy possible for treatment of issues.

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