SUMMARY:  TDI-Brooks has an opening for an experienced Geotechnical Laboratory Manager to manage their marine soil geotechnical testing laboratory and associated projects.  This position will be based in our College Station, Texas corporate headquarters just North of Houston.  This position will report to, and work closely with, the Geotechnical Services Director, and will manage a team of Laboratory Technicians and relevant staff.  Depending upon the qualifications of the individual hired for this position, the management reporting structure may be reconfigured to meet the experience of the hired individual.  TDI-Brooks is looking for an experienced mid-level to senior individual with significant marine geotechnical engineering and standard and advanced laboratory testing and management experience. 

COMPANY INFORMATION:  TDI-Brooks is a research and service company specializing in high-end environmental chemistry; multi-disciplinary oceanographic and environmental projects; seabed geochemical seep-hunting surveys; geotechnical surveys, and offshore survey projects for federal and state agencies.  TDI-Brooks has a staff of nearly eighty (80) individuals not including our international marine crews. TDI-Brooks owns and operates two research vessels — R/V PROTEUS and R/V GYRE. We have a third (3rd) vessel on long-term charter, R/V BROOKS McCALL in the Gulf of Mexico, and other vessels periodically under charter for specific projects. Our vessels are primarily engaged in geotechnical and geochemical coring, hazard surveys, environmental, physical oceanography, heat flow, and site surveys for both private and federal clients. These are 150 to 180-ft vessels outfitted as multi-use oceanographic research vessels. All are specifically optimized for shallow to deepwater operations with high speed winches, A-frames, multiple heavy coring rigs, sub-bottom profilers, USBLs, and multibeam systems. The GYRE and PROTEUS are outfitted additionally for analog and HR site surveys along with multibeam acquisition. 


The Geotechnical Laboratory Manager is responsible for the day-to-day laboratory management, costing / invoicing, and assignment of job duties to meet the testing schedules for each project.  The Laboratory Manager will also be responsible for the continuing upkeep, maintenance, and calibration of the laboratory and field geotechnical equipment, as well as helping TDI-Brooks expand its testing capabilities offered to clients.  

The job will include a growing responsibility for the management of our Geotechnical lab and assets, including:  

  • Applying concepts of Company’s values, mission and Quality System.
  • Applying resources, training, experience, judgment, and initiative to meet primary responsibilities.
  • Ensuring adherence to relevant ASTM testing methodologies.
  • Acting to ensure work is conducted safely, efficiently, and with high quality.
  • Leading teamwork to meet primary responsibility.
  • Maintaining effective project, assets, and process management systems to meet primary responsibility.
  • Maintaining vigilance and acts to ensure cost-effective performance of team.
  • Reporting project progress and issues to project managers and executive staff.
  • Interacting with Quality Assurance Manager on issues of quality.
  • Establishing work schedules.
  • Supporting offshore geotechnical acquisition campaigns with trained laboratory staff and maintained equipment.
  • Assisting in the analysis of geotechnical samples.
  • Assisting in the generation of geotechnical data reports.
  • Maintaining personnel training records.
  • Developing new analytical methods to expand laboratory capabilities.
  • Maintaining all geotechnical laboratory records and files, including electronic.
  • Maintaining impartiality as well as the ability to evaluate the significance of deviations.

These responsibilities will evolve as we jointly discover what the new hire most enjoys and where they best add value. Part of the job will be to maintain a valid passport and credit card which allows domestic and international travel. Various other company policies are detailed in our Employee Manual. Our corporate values are posted on our web site. 

QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum qualifications for this position include: (1) a degree from a qualified tertiary institution in a relevant field of engineering, geology, or physical science, or (2) other formal education combined with seven (7) years practical mid- to senior level experience in geotechnical testing and laboratory management.  At least 10 years of demonstrated increasing responsibility in geotechnical laboratory testing and management may substitute for a degree.  


  • 5 – 10 years of experience with demonstrated increases of supervisory responsibility within the disciplines of Geotechnical Testing and Laboratory Management.
  • BS/BA relative to industry supplemented by advanced vocational training preferred or 7+ years of experience in the marine geotechnical sediment testing industry in a management capacity supervising direct reports.
  •  Experience developing professional proposals for geotechnical testing services.
  •  Demonstrated knowledge and familiarity with both Standard / Index and Advanced soil testing methods
  • Experience with ISO 9001 QMS preferred
  • Ability to communicate well with all levels of management and subordinates in order to effectively accomplish general goals of the geotechnical acquisition and testing programs.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills are required including negotiation, persuasive leadership and supervision skills, and the ability to work independently, and as a team member.
  • Must be willing to travel, work on location and extended hours to meet client and operational demands. 

Interested applicants submit your resume to the following